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A lot of companies have dominated the watch industry to the point that even designer watches already looked like a high-end watch. Of course we know Rolex as it is included in Forbes most popular list. And even those who just check the time in their cell phones know that James Bond wears Omega.
These top brands also come with a hefty price tag. Very few people know that there are a lot of high-quality watches that does not carry a very expensive price tag. Now is the perfect time for you to get to know Swiss watches that have less mark-up price.

1. Seiko

Seiko released the first solar powered GPS watch. This brand is also responsible for the decline of Swiss watchmaking

2. Shinola

Shinola, now a resurrecting defunct shoe polish company first got its fame because of its watches.


A watch from TRIWA gives emphasis on style and affordability. The brand is well known for its eye-catching leather straps.

4. Skagen

The name is taken from Denmark’s northernmost town. The designs of the brand is mostly Scandinavian. Skagen offers pocket friendly high-quality watches.


5. Junghans

The brand has been known of producing minimalist automatic watches which makes their watch ideal for those who wants to purchase the very first proper watch.


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Show me the Best Watches!

The best daily finds, buys and Watches around!

Show me the Best Watches!

The best daily finds, buys and Watches around!